Updated Friday January 12, 2018 by OBHL - Confederation Beach Park .

On Saturday October 14th the OBHL hosted its First All Star Day at the Confederation Park Rink.   This was a successful day and many league members, friends and family enjoyed the event.  The day had skills competitions and 2 All Star Games (A/B Game and a C/D Game) that showcased some of the outstanding ball hockey played at the OBHL.  Also, everyone at the event was part of a free Raffle draws.  Winners received a free stick from Integral Hockey https://www.facebook.com/IntegralHockeyHE/ as well as sticks, gloves, shin pads, tshirts, hoodies, hats and other swag from the OBHL.

The 2 All Star Games was enjoyed by all competitors with many highlight reel plays from both sides.  In the end, Team Ty won both games over Team Ryan (A/B  7 – 6 and C/D 10 - 6).

The MVP from the A/B game was Brandon McKay from Undecided who scored the first goal of the game for Team Ryan and then after being traded to Team Ty in the 1st period scored the game winner for Team Ty.

The MVP from the C/D game was Jonathan Penner from Swamp Donkey who scored 6 goals in the game.  The first 3 were scored in one shift to record his first of two hat tricks.

Both MVP’s won OBHL prize packs for their efforts.

The skills competition showcased many players throughout the league and had some surprises.

The fastest player competition was won by Mike Aresenault of the Toe Dragons with a time of 17.30 seconds.  The fastest time was recorded by Jacob Ford at 17.13 seconds but he could not match his efforts in later rounds of the competition.

The best scorer was won by Dan Campanella of the Outlaws and the best goalie was won by Kent Greene of the Horsemen.

Finally, the Hardest Shot was won by Dave Featherstone of No Pucks Given at a recorded speed of 100 MPH.  However, the hardest recorded shot was from Jack Mullan of the Munstangs at 113 MPH.  However, Jack ended up breaking his stick in round 2 and after finding a replacement he hit the post in his semi final round eliminating him from the competition.

Overall it was great day and promoted the safe, fun, family environment we strive for in the OBHL.  There was lots of jokes and laughter throughout the day and we thank everyone who participated.

Check out our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/OBHL.MENS.FIFTY.POINT/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/playobhl/ for photos and keep your eye out for this event and others in the New Year.




The OBHL is pleased to announce its First All Star Day booked for October 14th at Confederation Park (rain date October 21st). 

This will be a fun filled day not only showcasing our great ball hockey and skilled players but also our beautiful new rink at Confederation Park.

This day will be a fun and exciting day for all OBHL League members and their families.  Come and participate in the event or come and cheer on your team mates and friends.  Bring your friends and family for an enjoyable Saturday outside before the snow arrives.  Enjoy our new rink as well as Confederation Park.

We will be having a skills competition with cash prizes and 2 All Star Games coached by President Ryan Anderson and Men’s Convenor Ty Reidy.

Here are the details (please read fully and carefully):

  1. Skills Competitions will be:
  • Hardest Shot (we have a radar gun!!)
  • Fastest Player
  • Accuracy Shot
  • Relay Race
  • Best Scorer
  • Top Goalie

Please read attached form for details.  You can sign up for as many events as you wish.  We do have a maximum amount of spots so first come first serve (we will keep a waiting list).  You must sign up with email (to contact) and cash at either rink.  We will connect with schedule closer to event.

  1. All Star Game:

We will have 2 Games.  A Division C/D All Star Game and an A/B All Star Game.  Teams will be drafted and coached by Ty and Ryan.  Each game will be 3 (15 minute) periods.  The players will be nominated by their respected teams (with some league selections) and goalies will be selected by the league.

Team reps please send your All Star Player names to Ty Reidy via email (ty@playobhl.ca) by Tuesday October 3rd -  Here are the following requirements:

  1. C/D All Star Team – 1 player selected per team.If your player plays in A or B division he is ineligible for C/D All Star Game (any questions in regards to this please forward to Ty)
  2. A/B All Star Team – 2 players selected per team
  3. All goalies for each team are league selected.

Once again – we are excited for this event and look forward to seeing all of the OBHL All Stars showcasing your skills and talents.