League Guidelines & Rules

Rule Book, Documents and League Guidelines

Updated Friday September 29, 2017 by OBHL .

Rules and Guidelines

League Philosophy:
RELAX! it's just a game, play safe and have fun! Everyone has to go to work tomorrow.

The OBHL is committed to running a league that is organized safe, fun, competitive and fair in a family environment.
The league and its officials will do its best to uphold the rules of the game at standards by Hockey Canada.
Players that behave unacceptably will be suspended from play.
Also any players that are not here for a good time and are repeat offenders will be subject to longer suspensions and ultimately banned if required to do so.
Players that come to the OBHL to play safe and fun recreational ball hockey will enjoy the league!

RCO (Referee Coordinator):
The RCO of the OBHL is Ty Reidy. He can be contacted at: ty@playobhl.ca
The RCO manages player discipline, rule clarifications, appeals, and hiring/training of officials.

If a player gets ejected or if there is an incident during or end of the game, it is the players responsibility to check with their team rep. Team Reps are then to enquire about any incidents by emailing the Referee Coordinator: ty@playobhl.ca

OBHL Disciplinary Guidelines:
- 3 minor penalties in a game -- game ejection
- 3 game ejections in a season -- suspended for rest or season or minimum of 5 games
- Verbal abuse of an official or staff -- 1 game minimum + $20 player fine
- Attempt to injure -- 3 games minimum
- Excessive Roughing -- 1 game minimum
- Fighting -- 5 games minimum, 2nd Fight -- Banned
- Checking from behind -- 2 game minimum
- Major Penalties -- 1 game minimum
- Littering -- indefinite
- Vandalism -- indefinite
- Head Butt -- 2 games minimum
- Head Shots -- 2 games minimum
- Physical abuse of an official or staff -- Banned
- Breaking floor tile out of frustration -- Immediate ejection + $20 player fine, once paid player can rejoin the game + a minor penalty may be assessed at the discretion of the official
- Breaking the boards, the boards are made to absorb impact, and reduce injury. The system is safe but can be broken with excessive force of a stick, do not bang the boards its a minor penalty. Breaking the boards out of frustration or celebration will be a $300 team fine.

Documents: (Bottom of Page)
OBHL Rule Book (pdf)
OBHL Game Change Request Form (doc)
OBHL Appeal form (pdf)

Feedback policy:
Players must report any issues to their team rep. Team reps will act as the liaison to communicate with the league if there is any feedback or issues. Reps are to email the RCO.
Ryan Anderson the OBHL President can be emailed at any time by any player, if the RCO can not solve the issue at: ryan@playobhl.ca

Entering of Rink:
Reps are to make sure all players entering rink for their team are registered and cleared to play.
Teams must wait for other teams to clear the rink before entering, especially after a youth game.

Ejected Players:
If ejected for any reason you must wait in the car you arrived in or leave. This policy is to do our best to upkeep a fun family environment . (the car is your personal dressing room)

Adult players are responsible for their own jerseys, gloves and sticks. A same base color jersey and a unique number is the minimum requirements to play. The league is not responsible for adult players uniforms. Pennies are available to rent for a teams that don't have the proper uniforms at $5/game/team. Pennies are lent out on a collateral basis for free to the visiting team if 2 teams are same/close base color.

Each team must provide 3 clean league approved balls before each game to be used during the game, the league has balls for sale in the office, extra balls may be required if they get shot out of the rink.

Dig after the whistle:
Offensive players who dig into the goalie after a whistle or excessive digging may result in moving the face off to the outside of zone, and loss of zone occurs. Or any unsportsmanlike attempts in this manner may result in loss of zone.

Balls Shot Out:
If the ball is directly shot out of rink above fence height (12’ high) from a defensive player inside their blue line it will result in a technicality delay of game penalty, in last 2min of game, delay of games are a penalty shot.

Minor Miscellaneous Reminders:
- Teams who leave excessive litter on the player benches may receive a bench minor penalty for the start of their next game
- No smoking within 10 meters of rink. Please refrain from smoking near the rink
- Stick infractions are 2 minute minor penalties
- No sliding. Intentional sliding will result in a minor penalty
- High sticking the ball with or without contact is a penalty. A high stick is considered to be the normal height of the players shoulders (at the discretion of the referee). In plays resulting in a goal the stick and contact of the ball must be below the cross bar
-Hitting the special shock absorbing rink boards or floor with your stick may result with an unsportsmanlike infraction (also in celebration)

Player and Team Fines:
- Verbal abuse towards OBHL staff is prohibited. Players who verbally abuse OBHL staff may be fined a minimum of $20.00 player fine.
- Littering is strictly prohibited and it is illegal. Please put all trash in the cans provided. Any teams found littering outside of the rink are subject to a $20.00 team fine and discipline.
- Breaking a floor tile intentionally will result in a $20.00 player/team fine.